The tagline on this site, currently “A Small Worcestershire Village”,  has been questioned by a couple of people who told me it would be more to correct to call Berrow Green a hamlet as there is no church.

I was all about to correct the title when, always keen to use the correct terminology,  I decided that I had better make sure we are a hamlet instead.

After I did a bit of digging and going through various definitions of villages and hamlets I did come across this page which sums up the differences.The key part is quoted below:

Strictly speaking the term ‘village’ comes from the Latin ‘villaticus’, which roughly translates as ‘a group of houses outside a villa farmstead’. Today a village is understood as a collection of buildings (usually at least 20) that is larger than a hamlet, yet smaller than a town, and which contains at least one communal or public building. This is most commonly the parish church, though it can be a chapel, school, public house, shop, post-office, smithy or mill. Villagers will share communal resources such as access roads, a water supply, and usually a place of worship.

So as there are over 20 buildings (I have counted!) and the Admiral Rodney,  Berrow Green can be called a village after all!